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Bulyaw Mariguen Featured at DYPR Palawan Radyo's Ronda Palawan (Full Interview here)

Last May 27, 2009, Bulyaw Mariguen was again featured at DYPR Palawan radyo but this time by a different radio personality. They were featured by the Program Director of DYPR Palawan Radyo Tangay Rouel Caralipio at his RONDA PALAWAN PROGRAM. Below is a full English translation of the interview. Click play to be able to check out the interview.

(Transcription and Translation by Joey Fabello of Matinlo Productions)

Bulyaw Mariguen Gets Featured at DYPRS Ronda Palawan AM Radio PROGRAM - Bulyaw Mariguen

Rouel Caralipio (AM announcer): As we have mentioned earlier my friends, this afternoon we are going to have special guests...a band whom we weren't able to interview last week due to lack of time..they are here right now, let us welcome, bulyaw mariguen- a cuyonon rock band...

Ok..?so who goes first...?Good afternoon we are heard in the whole of palawan...

Topz Perez (vocalist): Good the whole of Cuyo, Agutaya, Magsaysay and to the whole of Palawan…Good afternoon…

Rouel Caralipio (AM announcer): What's your name, sir?

Topz Perez introduces himself

Rouel Caralipio (AM announcer): Please introduce the other members of the band

Popoy dela torre introduces himself

Rouel Caralipio (AM announcer): Dela Torre?How are you related to sir dela torre? to Dr jess dela torre?

Popoy dela torre: He's a relative of mine from Magsaysay

Philip Abid introduces himself

Rouel Caralipio (AM announcer): Philip Abid? These guys are really from Cuyo. Am I missing anyone?Is there anyone else?

Tops: The other member of the band is not here, he’s in manila...Franz Abid, Philip's brother

Rouel Caralipio (AM announcer): So the name of your band is Bulyaw Mariguen? Why did you pick that name for your band?

Tops: Bulyaw Mariguen used to be a game in Cuyo which is now being forgotten, actually already forgotten by young Cuyonons, so we want to remind them that such a game existed...the game is like hide and seek…

Rouel Caralipio (AM announcer): I see…so you guys stayed here for a week already?

Tops: Yes, thank god...

Tops: No since we didn’t have much time.

Rouel Caralipio (AM announcer): Were you guys able to pass by Cuyo during your one week stay in Puerto?

Tops: No since we didn’t have much time.

Rouel Caralipio (AM announcer): So what have you guys done so far in your one week stay in Puerto?

Tops: Actually, our purpose here is to shoot our music video..but every free time that we get, we play at different bars...we played at legend’s salo bar, asturias, scenario, then guest at different radio stations…

Rouel Caralipio (AM announcer): In Cuyonon huh?

Philip: Yes, we also played at Mendoza Park (last thursday).

Rouel Caralipio (AM announcer): So guys, how were you able to form your band?
Tops: We formed the band by accident. I was still in abroad when I was able to write the song (PLONING ADIN KA REN) and so I tried to contact Popoy who is a friend of mine. Popoy knows Franz Abid. Then during the time that we were about to record Ploning adin ka ren, Philip was sleeping and was awakened by Franz telling him Philip, wake up, we need a drummer, come with us. Philip agreed to play the drums then we went straight to recording. That's the first time that we all met each other.

Rouel Caralipio (AM announcer): When was that?

Tops: That was in November 2007...

Popoy: So before December, we were already able to record 4 original songs that is in Cuyonon; Bisara y lola, Midyo kano lamang, Sa marayeng lugar and Ploning

Rouel Caralipio (AM announcer): This Ploning is the PLONING ADIN KA REN?

Popoy: Yes and Ploning was born before the film Ploning was shot because we also worked at the production of Ploning. So before we shot Ploning we were already able to record Ploning adin ka ren.

Rouel Caralipio (AM announcer): So are the first 4 songs that you recorded released or for sale already?

Tops: Not yet. Actually, we really didn't plan to make an album. We initially recorded our songs for our friends. It just so happen that DJ Jojo went to Cuyo and got a copy of our cd then brought the cd to Puerto Princesa and played the cd at ifm. The feedback was good so we recorded two more which we self-produced. But eventually we ran out of budget. DJ Jojo then decided to help us complete the album.

Rouel Caralipio (AM announcer): So do you guys have gigs in Manila?

Tops: No. We're more of a studio band. We meet at the studio to record. We don't have any gigs in Manila yet

Rouel Caralipio (AM announcer): So this project of DJ Jojo, DJ Jojo of IFM, she is a music video of your songs?

Tops: Yes, just one song… the music video of ploning adin ka ren…

Rouel Caralipio (AM announcer): But are you guys planning to go back here for Baragatan (fiesta)?

Tops: Hopefully, but the problem is the schedule...

Rouel Caralipio (AM announcer): You guys have individual jobs in manila?

Tops: Yes, Philip is a student, us we work at productions and Philip’s brother works in a call center.

Rouel Caralipio (AM announcer): So it's like you guys just met up, decided to form a band and record an album for compilation purposes only and now it's being heard on the radio?

Rouel Caralipio (AM announcer): But do you guys plan to perform in Cuyo during the fiesta?

Tops: Maybe by fiesta but we don’t have plans yet…Although, last fiesta we were able to perform 2 of our original songs at the Battle of the bands where all the songs are in Cuyonon.

Rouel Caralipio (AM announcer): Ok. So why rock? why not mellow music?

Tops: For me, it’s to show people that songs in cuyonon can also ride with the times and not just be limited to folk music or some imitated songs with Cuyonon translations. In our songs, we really think of the melody and the lyrics.

Rouel Caralipio (AM announcer): If I’m not mistaken, there is a kagawad in Magsasaysay who translates the lyrics of love songs to cuyonon? (I have a cd of that at home.)

Popoy: Yes, Kagawad Andaw. He’s songs are nice too…

Rouel Caralipio (AM announcer): ok...Can we listen to a sample of your song?

Band: sure

Rouel Caralipio (AM announcer) reads a text message: Can they sing a sample of their songs, we're here listening from 6576.

Tops: We're going to sing our carrier single Ploning adin ka ren in acoustic.

Translation by Joey Fabello & Mandy Perez
Editor of Translation: Jason Laxamana

It’s been many years
Since the day that I first met you
And up to now I still cannot forget
Your eyes that sparkled like the stars in the sky,
Your smile that caused me sleepless nights
I always long for your sweet kisses…

Night after night I keep getting drunk
Hoping I could forget you
But as the days pass us by
I can’t help thinking of your return
Oh, when will I see you again, Ploning?
If the moon has already waned?

Oh Ploning, where art thou?
Oh Ploning, where art thou?
Oh Ploning, where art thou?

I’ve been like this everyday
Always yearning day by day
I’ve been like that everyday
Always searching day by day

How will I carry on, if you are not by my side?
What’s to become of my life, if you are not by my side?
How will I carry on, if you are not by my side?
What’s to become of my life, if you are not by my side?

Oh Ploning, where art thou?
Oh Ploning, where art thou?
Oh Ploning, where art thou?

The full moon is fast approaching
Thinking of you has put me in misery
For I still cannot forget
Your kisses that touched my lips
Your arms that embraced me
I always yearn for the love we had
Oh, when will I see you again, Ploning?
If the moon has already waned?

Tops: Thank you.


Rouel Caralipio (AM announcer): Are those your original compositions? Who wrote the lyrics of the songs?

Tops: Yes, I did.

Rouel Caralipio (AM announcer): Here we have more text messages…
Text message: Tangay, can they play one more song?Their song is so beautiful.
Rouel Caralipio (AM announcer): I’m sorry, we don’t have time anymore…we have to say goodbye already.
Text message: Wow, super nice performer please say hi to them for me. - Leni of El Nido
Text message: We are here at the sea ward…at the Aramang Fishing Ground and we heard the song in Cuyonon. Wow, so nice! from 6576
Text message: from 4470, tangay, good afternoon, where is the band from?

Tops: We’re from Cuyo. We’re all Cuyonons.

Rouel Caralipio (AM announcer): Do you have songs uploaded on youtube? How will we be able to listen to your songs?

Popoy: We have a website. If you guys want to visit it, check out

Rouel Caralipio (AM announcer): Your songs are uploaded there?

Popoy: Yes, our songs are there but they’re not yet remastered…the cd that we’re going to release will be composed of remastered songs.

Popoy: Thank you greetings…

Rouel Caralipio (AM announcer): Ok we don’t have time anymore…please introduce yourselves again.

Tops Perez vocalist

Philip Abid on drums but Franz our lead guitarist is not here so I played the lead guitars for now

Popoy dela Torre on bass

Rouel Caralipio (AM announcer): All of you are from Cuyo, Magsaysay?

The band: No, from Cuyo proper.

Rouel Caralipio (AM announcer):But you guys are working and staying in Manila?

The band: Yes

Rouel Caralipio (AM announcer):And you haven’t forgotten the Cuyonon culture?

The band: Yes

Rouel Caralipio (AM announcer):That’s why you formed a Cuyono rock band.

Popoy: And also so that we will be known to other places. Once our music video is produced, we’re planning to submit the music video to Channel V (the new channel) so that people from other places can also see our culture.

Rouel Caralipio (AM announcer): Ok friends that was the Cuyono Rock Band, Bulyaw Mariguen. We don’t have time anymore. Thank you very much for always tuning in. This has been Tangay Rouel Caralipio of DYPR TV 7. Good afternoon.


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